Ensora’s Place-and-Forget
Wireless Sensors Harvest Energy
from any Light Source and Connect
to a Complete Monitoring, Control,
and Automation System!

Ensora’s unique place-and-forget wireless sensors make and
store all the energy they need from just about any light source – sunlight to low-level indoor lighting. The system’s cloud communications, operational algorithms, automated control, and powerful app help monitor and maintain indoor grow conditions 24/7.

The Ensora EnGen (ENergy GENerator) houses Ensora’s powerful light-to-energy harvester, communications, energy storage, and sensors for temperature and light levels. EnGen has the energy to power high-performance sensing devices and long-range wireless technology. You get clear, uninterrupted communications of accurate data regardless of conditions – and without the need for unobstructed line of sight.

Plus, you can place Ensora sensors anywhere and forget about them – because they just keep working, without maintenance or battery changes. Unmatched Accuracy. Perpetual Power. No Maintenance.

More Powerful Communications. No Batteries to Change. What’s Not to Like?