A Complete System Creates the Ideal
Monitoring and Control for You

Ensora is a complete smart sensor and automation system to monitor your environmental conditions and control your fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lights, and other environmental equipment. Monitor and control your environment from any smartphone, tablet, or computer – even if your internet goes down.



Automation Hub

Installs in Minutes.

You’re a farmer, not a programmer.
So we made Ensora fast and intuitive.

Install the App on any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Ensora guides you through installation with menu choices and fill-in-the-blank entries. You can place Ensora’s wireless sensors wherever you want – there’s no need to run cable or conduit for power and communications. Simply scan each device’s QR code, name it, and place it where you want.

You can customize your sensing options during installation or update later by snapping on additional sensor modules. Decide after a year that you need CO2 monitoring above your lettuce sensor? Just click and connect an Ensora Snap-on CO2 Sensor and the system will immediately recognize and integrate it without any reconfiguration. It just works.

You’re in the Know and in Control.

Vital growth factor information is at your fingertips anytime and from anywhere.
You can choose to monitor and control:

Temperature –
Heating and Cooling
Humidity –
Add or Remove​
Light Level –
Lighting and Shading​

You can configure Ensora to your precise parameters for each crop, and each indoor farm’s unique attributes.
You have the ability to accurately maintain ideal growing conditions every minute of every day.

Customizable and Flexible.

Every farm is different.
Ensora enables you to place sensors wherever it’s best for your crops and configuration. Since there’s no wire or conduit, you can move sensors any time to adjust for changing crops, seasons, or conditions. Configurations and modifications are literally limitless. You also save the cost of wire, conduit, and labor that comes with wired systems.

Ensora App.

The Ensora App makes everything easy –from simple scan-and-start installation, real-time dashboards, and historical data views to basic equipment control and sensor-triggered automation routines. There’s an App plan for every operation. You can view current sensor data and receive notifications with the free Ensora Core App. Upgrade to the Professional version to add automation, view historical data, create complex routines, and control your equipment with the Ensora Automation Hub.

Configure your ideal monitoring and control solution
and never worry about grow conditions again. ​