Always Accurate Wireless Sensors
Powered by Any Available Light

Ensora’s superior sensing and communications
accuracy begins with the Ensora EnGen.

The Ensora EnGen (ENergy GENerator) houses Ensora’s powerful light-to-energy harvester, communications, sensor for temperature, and sensor for light levels measuring Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) or lux. EnGen has the energy to power high-performance sensing devices and long-range wireless technology. You get clear, uninterrupted communications of accurate data regardless of conditions – and without the need for unobstructed line of sight.

Plus, you can place Ensora sensors anywhere and forget about them – because they just keep working, without maintenance or battery changes. Unmatched Accuracy. Perpetual Power. No Maintenance.

More Powerful Communications. No Batteries to Change. What’s Not to Like?

Snap and You’re Done.

Adding more capabilities to EnGen is easy. Simply connect Ensora’s Snap-on Sensors and Ensora does the rest – sensor data appears on your Ensora App automatically.

Snap-on Sensors are available for:


Humidity and Temperature+
to accurately measure temperature in direct sunlight

Ensora developers are continuously working with Growers to add the capabilities you need most

Every Ensora solution starts with an EnGen for energy, communications, and sensing of temperature and light levels (PAR or lux). Customizing your application is easy with Ensora Snap-on Sensors that connect seamlessly and instantly.

Ensora Stack

Continually Evolving to Meet Growers’ Needs

Today, Ensora sensors measure temperature, humidity, accurate temperature in direct sunlight, CO2, and light (PAR or Lux). We are constantly expanding the Ensora Ecosystem to offer additional sensing options.

Have a sensor need? Just let us know, Ensora engineers can help.

Place-and-forget sensors that just work!

Ensora monitors and controls your growing environment to
improve yield and lower labor costs.