Precise, Customized
Automation and Control

Ensora Sensors communicate to the cloud through either the Ensora Gateway or Automation Hub. If the internet goes out, Ensora continues to work and you can still use the Ensora App by connecting through your router. Install any number of Automation Hubs to control your equipment or Gateways to extend your range or to see more sensors.

Choose the Configuration that Works for You.

Ensora range is limitless. If you need to communicate with sensors more than 4,000 feet away, simply add a Gateway and you can connect seamlessly.

Your Ensora Sensors talk to the Automation Hub to control dimmable/variable equipment and up to 12 pieces of environmental control equipment, such as fans, HVAC, humidifiers, CO2, and lights.

The Right Automation for Your Farm.

The Ensora Automation Hub is a elegantly simple solution that runs virtually any configuration of environmental control equipment, without the unnecessary expensive of custom-designed systems. Each Hub controls power (up to 250V at 30A or 3-phase with a 3rd party adapter) to 12 pieces of equipment. Plus, it controls the brightness/level of dimmable lighting and other variable equipment using two Analog Outputs. Need to control more equipment? No problem. You can add multiple Automation Hubs without custom configuration costs.

Free Forever Standard Monitoring. Low-Cost Enriched Plans.

There’s a monitoring, automation, and control plan for every operation. You can view sensor data and create routines for up to 10 Sensor Stacks with the free Ensora Basic app. Upgrade to the Basic+, Pro, or Enterprise version to add more sensors, view historical data, create complex routines, and control your equipment with the Ensora Automation Hub.


Ensora’s Automation Hub controls your environmental systems to maintain perfect grow conditions while freeing up your staff for other tasks.