Greenhouse and Vertical Growing Breakthrough.

Indoor or Solar Light Powers Environmental Sensors.
No Wires, No Worries.

Indoor or solar lighting perpetually power sensors and communications to monitor, control and automate environmental systems – no wires, no maintenance, and no batteries to change.

Ensora’s Place-and-Forget
Wireless Sensors Harvest Energy
from any Light Source and Connect
to a Complete Monitoring, Control,
and Automation System!

Ensora’s unique place-and-forget wireless sensors make and
store all the energy they need from just about any light source – sunlight to low-level indoor lighting. The system’s cloud communications, operational algorithms, automated control, and powerful app help monitor and maintain indoor grow conditions 24/7.

Never Worry About
Growing Conditions Again.

Real Accurate. Real Time. All-the-Time.

Indoor growers told us accuracy and reliability are key must-haves. So, we paired Ensora’s high-precision measurement devices with superior communications technology. You get accurate information delivered without data transmission error – real accurate, in real time.

With accurate Sensor data, the Ensora App controls your environmental equipment to maintain the precise grow conditions you need 24/7.

Ensora Harvests Energy from Light so You Can Harvest More Profits

Improve business results when Ensora helps you maintain ideal growing conditions throughout your operations, 24/7.
You eliminate waste, boost yield, and reduce the need for precious resources, expensive supplies, and costly utilities.
No matter what you’re growing, Ensora helps you harvest more profit.

Light In. Data Out. Results Soar.

Ensora monitors and controls your growing environment to improve yield and
lower labor costs.